Laboratory of Laser Spectroscopy

Sven Lange
Head of Laboratory, Associate Professor in Optics and Spectroscopy
PhD (Solid State Physics)
+372 737 4718
W.Ostwaldi 1-D304
Yury Orlovskiy
Associate Professor in Laser Spectroscopy
+372 737 4666
W.Ostwaldi 1-D-306
Glen Kelp
Associate Professor in Materials Science
PhD (Physics)
W.Ostwaldi 1-D-304
Viktor Peet
Associate Professor 0.5 p
cand (Physics-Mathematics)
+372 737 4767
W.Ostwaldi 1-D422
Leonid Dolgov
Associate Professor in Spectroscopy and Sensorics 0.7 p
cand (Physics-Mathematics)
W. Ostwaldi 1-D307
Jaak Kikas
Professor emeritus 0.5 p
cand (Physics-Mathematics)
+372 737 4608
W. Ostwaldi 1-C305
Veera Krasnenko
Research Fellow in Materials Science 0.4 p
PhD (Solid State Physics)
+372 737 4666
W.Ostwaldi 1-D308
Ekaterina Vagapova
Research Fellow in Laser Spectroscopy 0.7 p
PhD (Materials Science)
W.Ostwaldi 1 D-304
Caius Miller
Junior Research Fellow in Materials Science 0.3 p
MSc (Materials Science)
W. Ostwaldi 1
Laurits Puust
Programme Director for Physics master , Engineer 0.4 p
MSc (Materials Science)
W.Ostwaldi 1-D301
Rein Koch
Engineer 0.2 p, Specialist for Health and Safety
cand (Physics-Mathematics)
+372 737 4796
Ilmo Sildos
Specialist in Laser Spectroscopy 0.2 p
cand (Physics-Mathematics)
Tanel Tätte
Associate Professor in Materials Science (employment contract suspended)
PhD (Organic Chemistry)
Viktor Palm
Specialist (employment contract suspended) 0.2 p
cand (Physics-Mathematics)
+372 737 4664