Council of the Institute of Physics

The composition of the Council of the Institute of Physics of the University of Tartu has been approved by Order No. 1-9.1 / LT / 713 (28.06.2021) of the Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Science and Technology of the University of Tartu (as dean) until 30.06.2024. Student representatives approved by the order of LT dean until 30.06.2024:

  1. Chairman: Toomas Plank, director of the Institute, associate professor,
  2. Members: Indrek Jõgi, associate professor,
  3. Heiki Junninen, professor,
  4. Laur Järv, associate professor,
  5. Marco Kirm, professor,
  6. Vambola Kisand, associate professor,
  7. Piia Post, associate professor,
  8. Siim Pikker, associate professor,
  9. Kaupo Kukli, professor,
  10. Raivo Jaaniso, associate professor,
  11. Margus Saal, associate professor,
  12. Kaido Reivelt, head of the School Physics Center,
  13. Anna Maria Tuberg, master's student representative,
  14. Ida Pinte, representative of undergraduate students,
  15. Terje Tammekivi, doctoral students' representative.

The dates of the regular meetings of the Council of the Institute of Physics in the autumn semester of 2023 are as follows: September 13, October 11, November 8, December 13 and January 10.


Toomas Plank to continue as Director of the Institute of Physics

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