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Department of Bio- and Environmental Physics

Laboratory of Atmospheric Physics
Laboratory of Biophysics
Laboratory of Environmental Physics


Department of Experimental Physics

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Laboratory of Plasma Physics
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Department of Materials Science

Laboratory of Laser Spectroscopy
Laboratory of Physics of Ionic Crystals
Laboratory of Physics of Nanostructures
Laboratory of Sensor Technologies
Laboratory of Thin-Film Technology
Laboratory of X-Ray Spectroscopy
Research group of Material Technologies


Department of Theoretical Physics

Laboratory of Solid State Theory
Laboratory of Theoretical Physics


Department of Physics Education

Education Centre for School Physics


History of the Institute of Physics, University of Tartu

  • In 1946 its first predecessor, the Institute of Physics, Mathematics and Mechanics, the Academy of Sciences of the Estonian SSR was established by a decree of the Council of the People's Commissars of the Estonian SSR.
  • In 1952 the Institute was reorganised into the Institute of Physics and Astronomy.
  • 1973 - the Institute has been split into the Institute of Astrophysics and Atmospheric Physics, Tõravere (the present-day Tartu Observatory), and the Institute of Physics, Tartu.
  • 1975 marked the completion of the building of the laboratories of the Institute (the present-day main building of the Institute).
  • In 1975-92 the Chair of the Physics of Solids/Laser Optics of the University of Tartu was active at the Institute (more than 80 specialists trained). The years 1976-90 marked the activities of the special Scientific Council at the Institute which conferred the doctor's degree on 28 and the Ph.D. on 77 persons.
  • 1995 - Institute was given the status of a state scientific institution, which as a legal body of the public law was brought under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Education.
  • To realise the aims of the newly independent Estonia with regard to science and education, and to merge effectively research and teaching, the Institute was incorporated into the University of Tartu in 1997. It is now a highly autonomous research establishment - the Institute of Physics, University of Tartu. Thus, Institute has been rather dynamically reshaped according to the development of public demands and the development of the scientific atmosphere in the region.
  • 2008 - Institute is part of the Faculty of Science and Technology, University of Tartu.
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