Physicum seminar 21.03.2024

" Small Modular Reactors (SMRs): Hope or Hype?"


Physicum seminar 12.06.2023

Deep Learning


Physicum seminar 01.03.2023:

The deep-tech wave. Mart Maasik


Physicum seminar:

"For the one planet we have" 22.09.2022


Physicum seminar 29.06.2021

Prof. Celia Escamilla Rivera (Mexico) "How a dispute over a single number became a cosmological crisis" 29.06.2021


Physicum seminar

Pushing the Limits of Single Molecular Microscopy 10.05.2021


Prof. Emmanuel N. Saridakis (Athens and Hefei) "Black Holes And Gravitational Waves: A New Window To Look At The Universe" (2020)


Prof. Amit Kumar Mishra (Cape Town) "Bio-inspired Methods for Sensing" (2020)


Prof. Tõnu Pullerits (Lund) "Ultrafast spectroscopy of semiconductor nanostructures" (2019)


Prof. Daniele Faccio (Glasgow) "Imaging with quantum technologies" (2019)


Prof. Jörg Pieper inaugural lecture "Protein dynamics regulates the function of biological nano-machines" (2011)


Prof. Mihhail G. Brik inaugural lecture "Perfect imperfections in crystals and computational materials science" (2011)


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