Laboratory of Plasma Physics

The primary research field of the Laboratory of Plasma Physics is the physical and chemical processes taking place in gas discharge plasma as well as at the plasma-solid and plasma-liquid interfaces. Plasma at medium and atmospheric pressures is excited by DC, pulsed and high frequency electric fields and ns laser pulses. Plasma spectroscopy is the main experimental method which connects all research directions. Absorption and emission spectroscopy are combined with optical and electrical measurements for interpretation and modelling of the results.

The main topics are:

  • Development of various methods of plasma diagnostics
  • Development of laser based diagnostics method to determine the composition of Tokamak first wall in the framework of EUROfusion programme 
  • Plasma in medicine and agriculture
  • Plasma based treatment and activation of surface
  • Reduction of air pollution by gas discharges
J. Neruti töörühm

Patent attorney Ian Tollet gives practical advice on protecting inventions at a seminar

Doctoral defense: Nico Benincasa „Phase transitions and gravitational waves in models of dark matter“

On 11. October at 16:00 Nico Benincasa will defend his doctoral thesis „Phase transitions and gravitational waves in models of dark matter“
CERN-i delegatsioon Tartu Ülikoolis

Closer cooperation between Estonia and CERN requires broad-based support for science education