Laboratory of Physics of Ionic Crystals

Research interests:

We study wide bandgap materials, their electronic and radiative properties. The main topics include:
• Radiation defects, investigation of their generation and healing mechanisms in fusion energy and other applicable materials.
• Theoretical modeling and experimental investigation of the properties of optical materials, in relation to the structure of the material.
• Investigations of electronic structure modification of materials, relaxation of electron excitations and ultrafast processes for applications in scintillators and other detector materials.

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graphene based gas sensor

Graphene-based gas sensors are reaching a pilot project in the semiconductor industry

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Doctoral defence: Maido Merisalu “Nanostructured coatings for car and aerospace industries”

8. 12 at 16.15  Maido Merisalu defends his doctoral thesis "Nanostructured Coatings for Car and Aerospace Industries".
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Tiksu takseerib robotit

Physicum seminar