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Garage48, dedicated to finding suitable solutions to protect Ukraine, occurred in Physicum February 17-19.
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Graphene-based gas sensors are reaching a pilot project in the semiconductor industry
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From 7 October, the University of Tartu invites all employees, students, alumni and their families as well everyone else to orienteering in the city of Tartu.
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University of Tartu starts the project "Climate awareness from school to society: empowering children, youth and teachers to reduce the effects of climate change" with partners.

Institute of Physics

Physics is the foundation for various natural sciences and provides knowledge for a number of scientific fields and disciplines. Institute of Physics provides a comprehensive education in physics and materials science and equips our students with widely applicable science skills and competitiveness in job market. Scientists in Institute of Physics conduct both nationally and internationally important research in the diverse fields of physics and materials science often with interdisciplinary reach.

Physicum, W.Ostwaldi - 1, Tartu