Piia Post: Estonia needs climate adaptation plan and 'climate services'

At the end of the week, world leaders will meet in Egypt to determine how to adapt to a changing climate and mitigate climate change. Estonia should decide to invest in climate competence, develop climate adaptation plan and "climate services," Piia Post, head of atmospheric physics laboratory and associate professor of meteorology and climatology at the University of Tartu, told morning radio show "Vikerhommik."

As the world is a unified whole, the climate must be viewed globally — it is warming globally. "Yes, Estonia's climate is also warming, as Estonia is a part of the global community," Post said, adding that there is not a single book or collection of articles on Estonia's current and future climate.

Regarding the scale of global warming, she gave an example of many summer evenings in Estonia where the temperature surpassed 20 degrees Celsius.

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