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Patent attorney Ian Tollet gives practical advice on protecting inventions at a seminar

Patent attorney Ian Tollett will provide valuable insights on safeguarding inventions at a seminar on 22 November at 14:00 at the University of Tartu Chemicum (Ravila 14a), Room 1020. All are welcome to attend. 

Ian Tollett will share his expertise on how to preserve intellectual property in his workshop. The two-hour seminar will be conducted in English. Kindly register for the event. 

Tollett is a European patent and trade mark attorney and an expert in European patent law at Williams Powell in London, and has extensive experience in intellectual property defence. Since 2014, he has been advising University of Tartu spin-offs and researchers involved in patent prosecution. He also holds a master's degree in chemistry from the University of Oxford.   

Doctoral defence: Kaja Pae "Electron-phonon interactions in local degenerate electronic states in solids“

Kaja Pae will defend doctoral thesis on June 20th, 2024 „Electron-phonon interactions in local degenerate electronic states in solids“

Estonia’s full CERN membership expands University of Tartu’s research collaboration opportunities

portree Piia Postist

Professor of Climate Science Piia Post gives inaugural lecture about global air cycle effects on weather in Estonia